Edge Adds Definitions

Edge Adds Definitions

Dennis Snider

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Microsoft have now added a Dictionary feature to its PDF reader which enables users to check definitions within the browser. Very few people now use standalone PDF readers, because virtually every browser can open the files, but the downside of this is that a number of features commonplace in standalone readers were omitted. Browser manufacturers are now starting to remedy this lack.

Users of the Edge browser who might previously have had to cut-and-paste any words they were unsure of into a new browser window can now see their definition within the PDF (this feature was in fact available in the older version of Edge but it was lost when Microsoft switched to a Chromium-based system).

The new feature exists in the Canary Edge build. To enable it, users should click on the three dot button at the top right of the Edge window, choose Settings > Appearance and turn on the two toggles in the Context menu. Once this is done, users can simply right click words in PDF documents and choose “define” for a pop-up definition, with additional information provided, if desired, in the sidebar.