Remote Support Assistance

It’s like having a technician in your computer at your service instantly.

While we love seeing you in person, we know that scheduling an on-site repair may not always be convenient. No worries! With our remote login repair services, we can get on the job instantly to get your computer or peripheral issues diagnosed and fixed right away.

Our secure computer login allows us to take a look at your system and many times we can solve issues with viruses, a sluggish system, or printer or other network connection issues easily using our remote tools. Our Remote Support Service is only $75 per hour.

Count on Computer Tech Pro for Fast, Reliable Remote Support Repair:

    • Virus Diagnosis and Protection
      Nothing’s worse for a computer system than getting infected by a virus, malware or spyware. If your system is acting strange or slow, we can take a look at the problem remotely, clean your system thoroughly, and set you up with virus protection to keep you safe in the future.
    • Child and Teen Tech Safe Solutions
      Are you having problems with a child-safe software or looking for a solution to make sure your children and teens can do their homework and enjoy their computer time without being subject to unwanted virtual intruders? We can set up the right protections to keep everyone happy.

We’re Everywhere You Live and Work

Our remote support services allow us to solve your computer issues you no matter where you live – across the whole USA. If you’re traveling for business and your computer won’t hook up to a projector, or if you need help converting file formats, we’re only an email or phone call away and can remotely access your computer to get you back on track.

Troubleshooting Connections:
Has your scanner decided to stop working or is your printer refusing to connect to your Wi-Fi again? Just contact Computer Tech Pro, and our team can troubleshoot the issue and get your devices connected and communicating beautifully again before you’ve finished dinner.

Find out how awesome our remote support repair can be. We’d love to make your life easier, call us at 352.742.3113