Microsoft OneDrive Emulates iCloud

Microsoft OneDrive Emulates iCloud

Dennis Snider

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For almost two years, Apple users have been able to sync folders with their iCloud storage; finally, now Microsoft has caught up. With the new Windows 10 OS automatic syncing can ensure that all your files are stored on the OneDrive cloud, allowing you to access them from anywhere that has an Internet connection. You’ll also have a complete backup of all your files should your PC be corrupted or stolen.

All you have to do to set up OneDrive is click Auto Save in the OneDrive settings window (accessible from the system tray with an icon), and then select the Update Folders option. This will then automatically send your desktop, pictures and document folders to the cloud.

Unfortunately, OneDrive is limited to 20 GB in terms of file size, and it won’t accept OneNote files or Outlook PST files.

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