Insiders May Soon Receive Microsoft’s Chromium-based Edge Browser

Insiders May Soon Receive Microsoft’s Chromium-based Edge Browser


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At the end of last year, Microsoft made a surprising announcement. Taking almost everyone by surprise, the firm announced that its new default Windows 10 browser, Microsoft Edge, would be based on Google Chromium technology.

Delayed previews
When this announcement was initially made, Microsoft promised some preview builds of the browser. These previews, it said, would be made available in early 2019. With ‘early 2019’ drawing to a close, it is looking likely that these previews will, instead, arrive in mid-2019. Although they are yet to materialize, available information does suggest that the new browser will soon be made available to Insiders.

Leaked information
Recent tweets by a Microsoft employee show screenshots of the new Chromium-based browser. These images also seem to contain a revised logo that suggests it is for Microsoft Edge Canary; a yellow version of the Microsoft Edge icon, with a blue banner across it reading ‘CAN’. Based on additional leaked screenshots, the installer has been developed and Microsoft appears to be preparing its new browser for Insider testing.

Unknown features
The planned features for Microsoft Edge are still very much under wraps. It remains to be seen what Microsoft will change within its new browser. While it is understood that the firm intends to make significant contributions towards Chromium, it will concentrate predominantly on improving engine accessibility. Ultimately, Microsoft plans to bring its new browser to additional platforms, including macOS.

We don’t know yet how the firm will test its new browser with Insiders. It is possible that the process will commence with a limited testing phase. Given that Windows 10 19H1 is close to completion, the new Chromium-based Edge browser may soon be widely available.

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