Microsoft and AMD to partner for Surface Laptop 4?

Microsoft and AMD to partner for Surface Laptop 4?

Dennis Snider

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Seeing as Microsoft’s Surface Laptop 3 has been available for over a year, the Surface Laptop 4 was expected in 2020, but obviously global events have played their part in delaying the launch. However, it is now clearer what Microsoft will be offering with the new machine.

The benchmark site Geekbench suggests that the new machine, which has a codename”Renoir”, will be supplied with an AMD Ryzen 5 processor, another big step forward for AMD and another slap in the face for Intel and its chips. It’s believed (though not confirmed) that the basic model of the new machine will have 8 GB of DDR4 RAM; tests have suggested that this could make the multi-core model approximately 20% faster than an Intel processor in the same machine. This would appear to spell more trouble for Intel, particularly as Apple have recently decided to start producing their own chips again rather than using Intel models.

It’s thought that Microsoft could be planning to launch the Surface Laptop 4 somewhere around October this year, with the model becoming available to the general public quite soon afterwards. Users have suggested a number of improvements they would like to see, including innovative cosmetic design, longer battery life, more ports and an SD card reader. Alongside these features, it is believed that the faster AMD processors will enable Microsoft to give the MacBook a run for its money.