"Upgrade From Windows XP Before Support Stops"
 April 8, 2014 marks the retirement date for the world's longest-ever supported operating system, Windows XP.
This means that newly discovered security holes will not be patched by Microsoft. As a result, over time, the operating system will become increasingly insecure for users. That date also marks the end of support for Office 2003, so if you're running both, you've got a lot of upgrading to do.According to Conceivably Tech the market of OS users supporting Windows XP is about 38% of the market. That means that almost one in ten people need to be made aware of the risks of using XP after April 2014.
The best option for users interested in upgrading is Windows 7. It took a lot of inspiration from Apple, and once you get used to the slight changes it all feels much more productive and useful.
Microsoft has written a farewell post here, although it's nowhere near as sentimental as we'd have liked. The majority of computer users in the world would have seen Windows XP for a large portion of their computing life, and it seems somewhat sad to see it go. What do you think? 
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