Here at Computer Tech Pro we offer top-quality on-site service.
In-Home Service
Computer Tech Pro will come to you! We offer pickup and delivery of computers repaired in our shop, or we can assist you right in your own home. Many services are best performed on location, such as network and printer setup, or configuring a media center just right. Many of our in-shop services are also available in-home.
If you’re worried about the inconvenience of transporting your equipment in for diagnostics or repair, we can pick the system up directly for you. And we can reconnect all those pesky cords once the repair is complete.
In-home service is an ideal way to solve a variety of issues, including networking or wireless troubleshooting, printer setup, or configuring a computer to work with your TV. Many repairs can also be performed in your home, though we do recommend pickup and delivery for more complex issues.
On-Site Business Service
Whether you’ve got a misbehaving work station or you want assistance rolling out a new solution, We can help with a knowledgeable and efficient technician directly in the office. Not every business needs a permanent IT staff, but that shouldn’t keep you from reaping the benefits of technology.
Computer Tech Pro offers support for a variety of business solutions, including:
Preventative Maintenance and IT support
-Web Design
-Remote Backup
-Remote Service
Make an Appointment
On-site service does require an appointment, so please contact us to arrange a visit at your earliest convenience. Remember, an earlier call might save you from future problems or even improve the way you do business. These services are available across a wide range of Lake County. If you’d like to know if we serve your area, just call or email and ask!
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