At Computer Tech Pro we work to get you the computer you need. By offering custom-built computers, you can get only the parts you need. We can build you a computer that has all the parts you want, at a price you can afford. Our trained and certified technicians build your computer in-house with only the best quality parts. We are so sure of the quality of our custom built computers, that we offer a one year warranty on all computers we build.
Computer Tech Pro creates our own desktop systems directly in the shop! Whether you’re looking for a gaming powerhouse or a flexible family computer that can be upgraded over the years, it’s tough to find a better deal than one of our custom-built desktops. From the appearance to detailed technical specifications, everything is customizable. After learning what you want from a computer, we’ll custom make an ideal match tailored to you!
All of our desktop systems have a one year warranty handled directly in our stores. This means you will have a local source for support and service, and your computer will be back on its feet faster if there is ever an issue.
Whether you need a server for personal or business use, we can help get you all the power and space you need for the best price. Whatever rack size or however many terabytes of storage that you need, we can help you find exactly the server you need.
Although we no longer offer custom built laptops, we may offer them again soon. We still offer a strong selection of used and refurbished laptops for sale, so be sure to call us and see if a used laptop will meet your power needs or your budget limits.
A custom-built computer has many advantages, including:
  • High-quality, durable components
  • The widest range of upgrade options
  • No “bloatware” or pre-installed junk software
  • Lowered cost for specialized configurations
  • Local tech support
  • Buying local
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