When you are working remotely in public places where others may have access to your tablet, here are some tips to keep yourself safe:

1): When not actively using the WiFi, switch it to airplane mode. When you want to access the web, use “public network” when you’re asked what type of network you’re connecting to. This will make your computer invisible to other nearby users. It will also help with preventing malware from being downloaded to your machine.

2): Recognize rouge hot spots. The best defense is simply to ask an employee or other responsible person what the correct network is; don’t connect to the rogue hotspot, and report its presence to the establishment you’re at if possible.

3): Don’t Sync With Strangers. You may be tempted when your machine is low on battery life, to use a USB connection to get a charge from someone elses machine. Not a good idea. A synchronization process can result in your personal information and files being inadvertently copied to that person’s computer.

4): If you’re not using a Bluetooth peripheral, turn it off. Although a hacker would have to be close, it wouldn’t prevent a hacker sitting close to you from taking control of your device.

5): And finally, set Up Remote Wipe Capabilities. On Windows devices, consider add-on software like Absolute Computrace.

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