First off, we need your computer here for repair, and there are many ways of getting it to us.

Drop it off!

  • Call us at (352) 742-3113 to schedule a drop off time.

Pick it up!

  • Call us at (352) 742-3113 to schedule an appointment for pick up or delivery of your computer.

Keep it home!

  • Call us at (352) 742-3113 to schedule an appointment for on-site service and let us do the work right in your home.

Remote Support!

  • Call us at (352) 742-3113 and we will have you download our remote support utility and we will connect immediately to resolve your problem.

The Diagnostic Process

It can be hard to know with 100% certainty everything that is ailing your computer. Computer problems can be very complicated; your computer may tell you the Hard Disk Drive isn’t detected when in reality the Hard Drive is there and is functioning fine, but the motherboard that is having the problem detecting it. On the other hand, both the motherboard and the hard drive may both be fine and there may be even more possible problems or complications.

In light of the very complex nature of computers, we strongly recommend that you have us diagnose your computer first before we start working on it. This way you can know exactly what is currently wrong with your computer, and what may go wrong in the near future. The diagnosis is intended for you to make the most informed decision possible when it comes to your computer repairs. After we finish the diagnosis, we will contact you via phone or email to give you the results of the diagnosis. We will give you our suggested repair option based on those results, the price of those repair options, and the time it will take for us to finish them.

We diagnose computers on a first-come, first-serve basis. On average, depending on the nature of the computer’s problem, we can get back to customers within 1 days of the check in. Should you need the computer back sooner than that, we offer an express service. Our express service moves you to the front of the queue so that we start working on the computer the very second it is checked in. Customers who purchase the express service can expect a call back within 12 hours.

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