Comcast is using your rented or leased Comcast Wi-Fi modem to create public hotspots, for clients that own your own equipment this does not effect you.

SeattlePi reports that Comcast is turning some of the Wi-Fi routers placed in the homes of subscribers into a “massive public Wi-Fi hotspot network,” but it’s doing so without giving customers the opportunity to opt out before the service is rolled out.

You can disable it yourself by following the instructions below:

Log into your Comcast account page at
Click on Users & Preferences.
Look for a heading on the page for “Service Address.” Below your address, click the link that reads “Manage Xfinity WiFi.”
Click the button for “Disable Xfinity Wifi Home Hotspot.”
Click Save

About 50,000 Comcast Internet customers in Houston have become part of a massive public Wi-Fi hotspot network, a number that will reach 150,000 by the end of June.

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